Don’t Hide Valuables in Your Air Vents in Summerlin, NV; Restricts Air Flow, Can Damage Ducts & More

During the holiday season people are always trying to find hiding places for Christmas gifts in an effort to keep the magic of Christmas a surprise for Christmas morning. There are many different places around your home that are perfect for hiding gifts. Many parents hide toys in the attic, under the bed, on the top shelves of closets, underneath beds, in hidden bins in the garage, and more. It gets harder to hide gifts from older kids or your significant other. If you are looking for a space that even your spouse will not locate you may have considered your air vents. Many different action movies and television shows have scenes where the characters will hide things in their air vents. Just when the movie hits its peak intensity they will loosen the vent covers and pull out their secret treasure. In the movies they hide large amounts of money, expensive jewelry, or weapons in their air vents. This may seem like a fantastic place to hide your valuable Christmas gifts but here at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning we want to strongly advise you against this.

Hiding Valuables in Air Vents Restricts Air Flow

The problems that can arise from storing objects in your air ducts and vents should not be taken lightly. The first issue that we want to bring to your attention is that putting objects in your air vents restricts the air flow. The items that you put in your air ducts force your air conditioning and heating system to work harder to get the air to move throughout your home. This will cause your HVAC system to be stressed and start to break. When you open and close your vents you could damage the fins on the vent cover. This could also cause problems with air flow.

Storing Items in Air Vents Can Damage Air Ducts

Storing items in your air ducts can cause your ducts to break. Air ducts are not designed to support the weight of objects. They are designed for air to flow through. When you add extra weight to your ducts by storing your Christmas gifts in them your ducts could break or collapse. If your air ducts collapse your entire system will shut down.

Items Can Get Lost in Air Vents

Another issue that could arise when you store Christmas gifts in your air ducts is that your items could get lost. When your heating and air conditioning system is working properly the air circulates throughout the day and night. If you have lightweight items in your ducts like cash or important documents they can be picked up by the airflow and carried through your ducts. Losing the items is only half of the problem. Not only will you be panicked because you lost your items you may also end up with issues from the papers clogging the air filter, restricting airflow, and preventing filtration.

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If you want to store items in your air vents for safety you can install a false vent. False vents look like a normal vent but they have the ability to store your valuables safely inside of them. We hope that reading this article has helped you understand the risks that come along with storing anything in your air duct system. Call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning for all your air duct cleaning and related needs.

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