Does Living with Mold Affect Your Health? Can Mold in Your Air Ducts Make You Sick in Sunrise Manor, NV?

A lot of mold can be cleaned up quickly before it causes any health issues, as it is common to spot mold in certain areas of your home where high levels of moisture are present. However, it can be dangerous to your health and the health of your family if you have mold in inconspicuous areas like your air ducts. With this in mind, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to discuss hidden mold in the air ducts and how you can go about spotting the problem and fixing it.

How Do I Get Mold in Air Ducts?

The reasons why you may have mold growing in your air ducts can be due to several sources. Cooler air passing through the ducts can cause it to multiply if you have moisture condensation present in your ducts along with passing mold spores. Not having the right sized air conditioning system could also present probable cause. Its performance will be in question if your unit is too large or too small, leading to condensation issues that can result in mold growth.

How Does Living with Mold Affect Your Health?

A dangerous place to have mold is in your air ducts. It is inevitable that mold spores are going to be carried throughout your dwelling, possibly resulting in health problems if mold spores are present and air is passing through the ducts to the rest of your home. Allergies and asthma can be triggered more often, as well as itchy eyes, coughing, skin irritation and headaches.

How Do You Know what Kind of Mold is in Your House?

One way to spot a mold problem is having a professional look at the insides of your ductwork. However, are other signs that you can look for on your own. A strong and musty odor is evident when there is mold. When the air conditioning is running, the odor is even stronger. Also, around your intake vents or air ducts, you might also see black spots. With no other obvious cause, do not overlook those allergic symptoms because mold may be the actual source. You will need to contact a professional for assistance if in the event you have discovered that mold is present in your air ducts. In order to prevent everyone in the home from getting sick, properly removing the mold is necessary. To completely remove the mold, professionals have very strict guidelines and processes that they use.

How to Prevent Mold in Air Ducts

Once cleaned, you need to ensure you are changing your HVAC filters frequently. Your chances of mold growth only increase with dirty filters. It is also helpful to enlist maintenance and repair services by a qualified HVAC professional. It will ensure that your entire HVAC system is running efficiently and properly as well as prevent mold growth and spot any problems that may be developing with maintenance services.

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