Does Dust Affect AC Unit in Lone Mountain Village, NV? Why is My Home So Dusty?

Dust in your home is such a nuisance. Dusting your shelves and furniture all the time so they do not look dirty can be very time-consuming. While dusting your furniture can be a pain, having dust in your AC can be horrible for the AC system. Why would dust harm your AC system you may ask? Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning wants to go over why dust is the worst enemy of your AC.

Dust Limits Airflow

Dust is very good at landing in places it does not belong. It can get into small crevices and get on your air conditioner. Even with air filters, it can get on the coils and vents and start to obstruct your airflow. Having clean air filters can help reduce the dust from getting through. When the dust starts to build up, it can start to reduce the airflow and lessen the coolant capacity of your air conditioner. This will then cause your air conditioner to work harder to get to the temperature you desire.

AC System is Less Efficient

When the dust settles on the evaporator coil and the condenser coils, it starts to act as an insulator. This ends up preventing the AC from being efficient between the heat exchange and the coils. This then causes the AC to lose its ability to cool the space effectively. The AC will then have to work harder to cool down the house causing extra wear and tear on the system and shortening the lifespan of your AC.

Air Quality Decreases

When the dust is on your air conditioner it can cause bad air quality to circulate in your home. When the dust passes through the AC it can carry pet dander, mold spores, allergens, and other harmful particles. If the air is not filtered properly, it can then continue to circulate through the home. If you have poor air quality in your home, this can lead to respiratory issues, other health problems, and allergies.

Higher Damage Risk

When the dust starts to form on the AC it starts to put more stress on all the AC components. When this happens, it ends up having a higher risk of damage and malfunctions on your AC. Fan blades can become imbalanced. When dust coats it, it then leads to a noisy operation and motor failure. If you have clogged air filters from all of the dust, it can lead to freezing evaporator coils and eventually causing the AC system to break down. Dust can also lead to corrosion of parts, which can be expensive repairs.

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If you do not take care of your AC it will start to accumulate dust, causing your AC to become more prone to breakdowns. Stop the breakdowns before they happen and call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning. We will get your AC cleaned today. Having a clean AC and ductwork can benefit you and your AC in so many ways.

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