Does Air Duct Cleaning Remove Cooking Smells & Smoke Odors in Sun City Summerlin, NV?

In addition to cycling warm or cool air accordingly throughout the home, your HVAC system pushes particulates, contaminants, and even odors. Foul odors can spread around the interior of your home. There are many reasons why unpleasant aromas that may be coming from your heating and cooling systems. No matter the source of the smells, an air duct cleaning also helps neutralize the foul odors floating around your home. Tobacco smoke, cooking aromas, vermin and rodents, house pets, mold and bacteria can be attribute to the odors that can get trapped in your air ducts. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to discuss the odors in the home that can be remedied with air duct cleaning.

How Do You Get Rid of Cooking Smells?

A strong odor that lingers can be left when you prepare food and cook certain meals. Throughout the house, these fragrances can be sucked into your air duct system and recirculated. It can coat the walls of the air ducts as frying foods can cause grease to spread into the air. Flowing throughout the home can be a very unpleasant odor of stale grease. After a professional cleaning this odor can be neutralized.

How Do You Get the Smell of Cigarette Smoke Out of Your House Fast?

You should know that smoke from cigarettes and cigars can flow throughout the whole house if you are a smoker or live in a home with a previous smoker. The smell can permeate the whole house from the smoke gets easily sucked into the air ducts. Additionally, a tacky coating on the interior surface of the home’s ductwork can be left by nicotine and tar. That slightly smoky odor will not go away until your air ducts have been professionally cleaned even if you are industrious about cleaning the interior of the house.

Can Rodents & Pests Get into Air Ducts?

Within your air duct systems, rodents and other vermin can easily crawl into and leave behind rodent droppings. Additionally, there are quite a few circumstances that can lead to them dying in the ducts.

What Neutralizes Pet Odors?

They can contribute to the unpleasant odors in the home, you may love your household pets dearly. The bad smells flow throughout the interior of the home when the fur or pet dander can get into your air ducts. Within your homes air duct system, the fragrance of pet urine can be especially strong, and can cling to the dust. The only way to get rid of this odor is to have your air ducts professionally cleaned, unfortunately.

Can Mold & Bacteria in Air Ducts & Vents Make You Sick?

Your air duct system can have a buildup of dirt and dust. Contributing to bad smells inside of your home, this debris can act like an incubator for bacteria. Additionally, this harmful bacterium can invade your living environment and affect your health. If there is moisture or humidity in the air, mold can grow in your air ducts. Causing respiratory issues is the mold that can trigger sinus allergies. They can be distributed throughout your home, by the time that mold spores get released in the air. To help alleviate this problem, a thorough cleaning of your air ducts.

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