Common Types of Mold Found in Air Ducts in Las Vegas, NV; Aspergillus, Stachybotrys & More

One of the bigger issues homeowners commonly face when it comes to their homes overall health is mold growth. Not only is mold an eye sore, but it triggers allergies and can cause harm to those living in the spaces they are growing. Mold can be challenging to find as it generally grows in dark, humid, and dusty places. Mold can potentially grow anywhere, however, today we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to share the most common types of mold likely to grow in the air ducts.

Identifying Mold Types that Grow in Air Ducts

1) Acremonium: With a tendency to grow over time, Acremonium is a toxigenic mold that looks much like a white powdery substance. In damp and wet places or areas with water contact is where the common types of mold grows.
2) Alternaria: Appearing as a greenish or brownish velvet-like texture, Alternaria is one of the most commonly found types of mold in general. It is rare to find this mold in air ducts, but still worth mentioning, because this is one type of mold can grow in any area that tends to have water running through for a significant amount of time.
3) Aspergillus: Because of the varied forms that it can take on, Aspergillus is one of the harder types of mold to identify. Though it is more commonly white, green, or yellow, this mold can appear in several colors.
4) Chaetomium: Posing as a brown substance with cotton-like texture, Chaetomium is one mold whose color tends to change over time, making it more challenging to identify. Though it can spread to the vent air ducts, this mold tends to grow on the walls.
5) Fusarium: Fusarium can have certain appearances in air ducts if there has been any water damage caused to them, and it generally grows on the walls and other surfaces been that have damaged by water.
6) Mucor: Very common to be found growing on the air conditioners and air vents, Mucor is a mold that is better destroyed as soon as possible due to its increased threat.
7) Stachybotrys: Frequently discovered in households with a blackish appearance this mold substance spreads rapidly over time. One of the more toxic kinds that can appear in your air vents and ducts and is easy to spot. However, it is among the more toxic molds that develop in air ducts.
8) Trichoderma: Incredibly usual for their growth on vents, Trichoderma is a mold that can only grows in spaces that are constantly wet or moist. It is a persistent threat inside your home and the mold looks like spores and can multiply rapidly.
9) Ulocladium: Seemingly rarer in comparison to the other types of molds, Ulocladium does grow on vents. Generally, the mold is more common growing in the corners of bathrooms and kitchens. The appearance is a layered black substance and is one of the most challenging molds to eliminate, usually requiring a professional’s assistance.

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