Can Bad Smells & Unexplained Odors in House Make You Sick in Rhodes Ranch, NV?

When you walk into your house you are most frequently welcomed by the pleasant aroma of your home. Every home has its own odor. Your home can smell like the candles you burn, the oils you diffuse, the foods you bake, and more. But every once in a while you walk into your home and your nose will be offended by the aroma that you smell. In addition to the foul smells being disgusting they can also cause health problems. Today we will explore odors and how they can affect your health.

Does Everyone Smell the Same?

When there is an odor in the air it triggers your sense of smell. Does everybody smell the same? This question gets a little bit complicated. Everyone uses their nose to smell. Your age, sex, and whether or not you have ever smoked can all affect your sense of smell. Some people will notice a smell that just has a low aroma while others will not. As the scent grows stronger more people are able to smell the odor. Each person reacts differently to the same smells. One person may love the smell of something while the person standing right next to them may hate the same smell.

Certain Smells Can Cause Nausea

Many people will complain that different smells are making them sick. Scientists have been researching why some people get sick from odors that are actually harmless. Scientists have concluded that some of this is subconsciously happening in our brain. For example maybe one time you ate a bean burrito and afterwards you got sick. The next time that you smell a bean burrito you may start to feel sick because your brain remembers how sick it made you last time. The odor of bean burritos is clearly harmless though. Harmless odors can indeed cause people to get headaches or feel sick to their stomachs.

What Can Breathing in Mold Do?

Though some smells are harmless others are actually harmful. One of the largest culprits of this is mold. If you have mold in your home a smell will start to form and then continue to grow until the mold is taken care of. Mold in your home can smell absolutely terrible! Mold causes people to become dizzy, nauseous, and start to get headaches. The microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) give mold its rank, musty smell. MVOCs being present in the air cause asthma, allergy, and other health problems. If continued mold exposure occurs it can cause neurological disorders as well. Scientists have linked mold exposure to Parkinson’s disease.

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Mold is not the only odor that can cause health problems. Cleaning products, paints, or solvents can also cause health problems if there is prolonged exposure. We recommend that you store all of those items carefully to protect your family. At Air Pure Inc LV, our top priority is to make sure that your indoor air quality is safe for your family. We can help install different air cleaning products to keep the air in your home nice and fresh for your family. We can install overflow switches, odor neutralizers, electrostatic filters, and ultraviolet lights to help improve the indoor air quality of your home. Contact us today!

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