Best Odor Eliminator in The Lakes, NV; Air Freshener VS Neutralizer Air Cleaning Products to Get Rid of Smells

Quite a few people can notice a different smell when entering a new place or a place they have not been for a while. You are less likely to notice the smells when you live inside your home and you get use to the smells and odors therein. Associates smells are rarely forgotten, and your visitors will either attach a pleasant aroma or an unpleasant odor to your home. It can be challenging to combat odors with cooking, pets in the home or even indoor smokers. With cleaning alone, many of these odors cannot be tamed unfortunately. When it comes to it, air fresheners or air neutralizers are your only two methods. There are lists of air freshening products and DIY remedies that can mask the odors. With this in mind, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to elaborate on odor fresheners versus odor neutralizers.

Air Freshener for Home

Air freshener products are an inexpensive solution as they produce a scent that masks the existing odors and are designed to reduce odors by covering them. A host of forms and scents are offered with these products. Below are the most common air fresheners.
– Sprays
– Powders
– Candles
– Plug-ins
– Gels
They are usually offered in two types; those that perform continually and the types that operate when activated. They both are incapable of removing the existing odors in the air, despite the seemingly pleasant scents they leave behind. These short-term solutions only leave behind a lingering perfume scent in the air.

Odor Neutralizer

The odors are not covered up with neutralizers products, but they are eliminated. By creating a chemical reaction with the unpleasant scents in the air, these products are designed to combat the odors at their source. Many acidic based reactions will function against odors, like vinegar and baking soda. Where the baking soda attacks the odors in the air to eliminate the smell when the fridge has a funky odor, many people reach for the baking soda for instance. In a similar fashion are how most of the air neutralizers work.

Can Air Fresheners Cause Breathing Problems?

Allowing the odors to only continue to thrive and never dissipate, spending more money on air fresheners as endless cycle by selecting an air freshener to fight the odors is a wasted effort, as it will only mask the odors. Too soon the fragrance will fade, though the fresheners may have fragrances attached that make them seem more attractive. Some products are laced with dangerous chemicals which are also concerns of an air freshener. According to a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council, air fresheners may contain chemicals that affect human reproduction. Also, serious reaction caused by these air fresheners are the allergies and asthma.

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Investing in quality air neutralizers will eliminate the odors in the air and enhance the air quality in your home with the distinction between the two. Call Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning and let our specialists suggest some effective air cleaning products for your home to efficiently get rid of the pungency and allow your home to smell pleasant without the harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals in the event you are interested in eliminating the odors.

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