Best Odor Eliminator for Green Valley Ranch, NV Homes; Natural Neutralizer VS Air Freshener

Many people have their own brand of smell in their homes. Unfortunately, many people do not always notice when the smell becomes unpleasant due to various sources. People do not notice the uncomfortable smell initially, perhaps when they leave for several hours and come home, but visitors tend to notice right away. Odors can stem from cooking, indoor pets, indoor smoking habits, poor plumbing drainage, mold and mildew growth, and countless other sources. The smells can be difficult to eliminate, especially if the sources are difficult to find. In some cases, cleaning alone cannot always can be efficient and it takes many tries and options. Where many homeowners attempt DIY remedies that can mask the odors, such as boiling citrus peels or burning candles or using plug-ins or other air fresheners, there are air neutralizers that is a different approach. We at Air Pure Airduct Cleaning would like to elaborate on odor fresheners versus odor neutralizers to help your home smell its best.

Plug In, Spray, Oil Diffuser & Lit Air Fresheners

By design, air fresheners produce a scent that masks the existing odors and though they are inexpensive, they only cover up odors. Many people find them indulgent because of the variety fragrances. Air fresheners include plug-ins, gels, sprays, powders, oil diffusers and candles. In addition to their forms and fragrances, they are active in usually two different ways; those that are activated to operate and others that work continuously. Though they smell wonderful in the moment, these options are incapable of eliminating the existing odor molecules in the air. Their perfume scents may linger, but they are short-term fix and do not help the odor problem.

Natural Air Neutralizers

Air neutralizes essentially eliminate the offensive odors and improve the smell. By creating a chemical reaction with the unpleasant scents in the air, these products are designed to combat the odors at their source. Vinegar and baking soda among other acidic based products react well against odors. For example, when refrigerators develop funky odors, many people will place a small box of baking soda in the fridge so that the baking soda can absorb and destroy the odors. Usually, the air neutralizer products operate in a similar fashion to promote continuously clean indoor air in your home or business. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning installs clean air and water damage prevention technologies, including overflow switches, electrostatic filters, ultraviolet lights and odor neutralizers.

Air Fresheners Safe?

Using air fresheners, ultimately is a wasted effort if your goal is to eliminate the odors, as these products only allow the odors to thrive, which only results in an expensive endless cycle of replacing the fresheners to cover up the odors. Fresheners may have fragrances attached that make them seem more attractive, however, the fragrances typically fade fast. Other concerns when using air fresheners is that some are laced with dangerous chemicals that exposes you and your family to. According to a study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council the chemicals contained in air fresheners affect human reproduction. Additionally, air fresheners can trigger serious reaction to those with allergies and asthma.

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Investing in quality air neutralizer products will eliminate the odors in the air and enhance the air quality in your home making them the more ideal product between these two distinct options. Contact Air Pure Airduct Cleaning if you are looking for long-term solutions for neutralizing the odors in your home, and our specialists can recommend and install more viable solutions for your home. Contact us today!

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