Benefits of Central Air Conditioner Cleaning in Mountains’ Edge, NV; Improved Air Quality & More

Having your air conditioner cleaned is a big part of maintaining efficiency and insures proper function of your air conditioning unit. It is highly recommend that you have your air ducts and air conditioner cleaned at the same time as it will help improve efficiency and indoor air quality. Air Pure Inc LV would like to walk you through a basic air conditioner cleaning and how it can help you save this summer.

How to Clean a Central Air Conditioner to Save Money & Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Air ducts – When they get cleaned, all of the dust and pollutants are removed. In turn, this improves your home’s indoor air quality and reduces the amount of dust inside your home. However, most people don’t realize that it’s equally important to have your air conditioner cleaned as well. There are a number of areas or components that should be kept cleaned.
AC Condenser – Whether you have a roof or a ground air conditioning unit, it is important to have the surrounding three feet around the unit cleared and kept cleaned. For ground units, all grass and debris should be cleaned and cleared away to prevent debris from entering into the air conditioner, especially while it is running. As the fan rotates, it can pull debris inside the unit, clogging or jamming the fan. For roof top air conditioners, often birds may make nests near or under the air conditioning unit. Again, as the fan is running it can pull in nearby debris. As debris gets sucked inside the air conditioning unit, it can jam up the moving components inside. This doesn’t just cause poor efficiency but can damage the air conditioner as well.
Air Filters – The air filters require frequent changes, about once every three months if not more due to the frequent wind storms that Las Vegas and southern Nevada gets. The air filters help prevent dust and other debris from entering inside the air conditioning unit which helps improve the unit’s longevity. However, as the filter becomes dirty and more plugged up, it restricts the air flow and causes the air conditioner to work hard and even wears down the various components. To maintain good air flow, make sure you keep your air filters clean and/or changed out.
Air Conditioner Coils – There is the evaporator coil and the exterior condenser coils which need to be kept cleaned as well. The coils regularly build up dirt due to condensation. As dirt or mud builds up around or inside the coils, it restricts air flow and causes a number of malfunctions with the air conditioning unit. Coils need to be cleaned carefully. Often the thin metal of the coils gets bent and restricts air flow.
Basic AC Maintenance – During an air conditioning cleaning, the technician will also re-tighten any loose bolts and screws to make sure everything is in place and tightened down properly. This will help ensure your air conditioning unit continues to work flawlessly throughout the hot summer months.

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