Benefits & Effectiveness of HVAC System UV Light Installation in Henderson, NV

Here at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning we know that our customers are committed to providing their family the very best home life that they can. No one wants the people that live in their home to be miserable. Sometimes our loved ones suffer in our homes for very obvious reasons. Other times it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly the reason for the suffering is. If you have someone in your home who suffers from severe allergies or asthma the indoor air quality in your home could unknowingly be causing them to suffer unnecessarily. If your indoor air quality is low your family’s health could be at risk and you may not have any idea. Wanting to improve the indoor air quality of your home is an excellent idea for all homeowners. If you have family members with allergies and asthma it is extremely important though!

Do I Need a UV Light for My Central Air Conditioner?

There are many different things that you can do to improve your indoor air quality. One thing that not many people know about is ultraviolet lights. Ultraviolet lights can be installed inside your HVAC system. They can stop harmful bacteria from entering your home. Ultraviolet lights also help prevent fungus or bacteria from growing inside the coils of your HVAC unit.

How Does Ultra Violet Light Work?

You may be wondering how ultraviolet lights work. The use of ultraviolet lights for a treatment of tuberculosis won Niels Finsen a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903. Since that time they have been used in many different ways. Hospitals use them to help keep their hospital nice and sterile for their patients. They can also be used to sterilize water and cure nail polish. Restaurants and fast food chains use them to help keep the germs off of the food.

Effectiveness of UV Light in HVAC

As time has gone on they started being used in HVAC systems. Ultraviolet lights will kill organic growths like mold or bacteria. They will not help with dust, pet dander, or other allergens. Ultraviolet lights are installed near the coils in your HVAC system. As air passes through the coils it will kill any growth in the air. It will also prevent any mold or bacteria that does come through to grow. If you live in a particularly humid climate ultraviolet lights are an excellent idea.

Coil & Air Sterilization UV Lights

There are two different options of ultraviolet lights for your HVAC system – coil sterilization and air sterilization. Coil sterilization uses lights that are in the shape of a stick inside the return air duct near that sterilizes the air handler coil. They run every hour of every day. These are the most common type of ultraviolet lights. Air sterilization lights are a complete ultraviolet light unit that sterilizes moving air. It is installed in the return air duct and cycles on and off with your air handler blower. Air sterilization lights are more expensive.

UV Light Kills Mold & Bacteria

Numerous studies have been done over the years that show just how effective ultraviolet lights are in killing mold and bacteria. A study done at Duke University Medical Center showed that ultraviolet radiation reduced the number of bacteria in hospital rooms by more than 97%. That is truly an incredible statistic! Most homeowners that have ultraviolet lights in their HVAC system can tell when the bulbs need to be replaced simply by breathing in the indoor air and just not feeling quite right about it. The bulbs typically last about one year before needing to be replaced.

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If you are thinking that utilizing ultraviolet lights would help your family with allergies and asthma give Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning a call today. We can send a technician out to talk to you about the different options available and help you make the best selection for your home.

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