Barely Any Air Coming Out of Vents & Other Signs of Leaky Air Ducts in Henderson, NV; How to Fix & More

The air ducts are a major part of the home. All of the air produced by the HVAC system travels through the air ducts. The health of the air ducts is essential to ensure your home temperature stays comfortable and consistent. When the air ducts develop a leak, it can become a major problem, not just in terms of keeping your home comfortable, but also for the health of the HVAC system. Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning will share the signs of an air duct leak to help you know when you need them resealed.

High Utility Bills

When the air conditioner runs a cycle the final stage is to circulate the created air through the air ducts and into the home. When there is a leak some or even all of the air will escape through the leak and never reach its destination. As a result the thermostat will trigger another cycle over and over again until the temperature reaches the thermostat’s setting. When the air conditioner or the heater runs more cycles, your utility bills will increase. If you’re notice your bills increasing, have the air ducts inspected for leaks.

Imbalance in Indoor Air Temperature

When there is a section of air duct that has separated, air will leak out of that section. This will create areas in the home that will be unbalanced and you will have warm and cold spots. When a room or area is not the same temperature, this is a strong indicator that the air ducts have split somewhere and the air is leaking out. However, in some cases unbalanced temperatures may result because the air vents have been closed. Check the air vents and see if they are open. If they are then you most likely have a separated air duct.

Barely Any Air Coming Out of Vents

Another common sign to watch for when there is a leak in the air ducts is when the air flowing from the vents is weak. Weak air flow can point to the fan motor wearing out or a leak in the air ducts. When there is a leak in the air ducts much of the air will escape out and through the leak which means weak air will flow into the home. When the air flow is weak due to a leak in the air duct, this points to a rather big leak and in most cases, a split connection.

Noise from Air Ducts

When there is a leak the air ducts can make a couple of different noises. A whistling noise can be due to a clogged air filter. However, if you’re hearing the whistling noise deeper in the air ducts, this is a sign of a leak. Whistling is often a sign of a smaller leak and the air passing through is causing the whistling sound. Another noise that you may hear coming from your air duct is a rattling noise. A rattling noise means a connection is coming loose or has come apart. When the air conditioner is running it vibrates and causes the loose air ducts to rattle.

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When you have these common signs of an air duct leak, you will want to have them resealed and repaired. For air duct sealing, cleaning, and more, contact Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning today.

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