Are You Ruining Your Dryer in Paradise, NV? What Happens if Your Don’t Clean the Lint Trap & Dryer Vent?

Most homeowners know that they when they do their laundry, the lint trap needs be cleaned out after every use, but few realize that in addition to the lint trap maintenance, the dryer’s vent needs to be professionally cleaned every few years. Today, we at Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to elaborate on how you are likely ruining your clothes dryer.

Basics of a Dryer Vent

A vent is what that cute little accordion-like hose behind your dryer hooks up to inside your wall and dryers and every dryer is equipped with a vent. To allow your clothes to dry, this air vent runs from your dryer all the way to the top of your roof or the side of your house, as it directs all the wet. Though many dryers nowadays are placed in the middle of the home, creating a much longer dryer vent, dryers used to be placed next to an exterior wall, so the vent was super short and your dryer got good airflow back in the day. Eventually creating a pretty good blockage, the air doesn’t get pushed outside with as much force and lint gets stuck inside the vent and starts to build up.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean the Lint Trap & Dryer Vent?

All the while ruining your dryer over time, significant blockage in the dryer vent will make your dryer work harder to get clothes dry, and it will take much longer to dry them. The clogged-up duct work will ruin that dryer, even if you buy a brand-new dryer and it is a major fire hazard as well. Making lint build up even faster, birds and other critters build nests inside vents, builders use the wrong material or put the wrong covers over the outside part of the vent or they leave a mesh covering over the vent are other contributors.

Signs Your Dryer Vent is Clogged & Needs Cleaning

Leading to your dryer being overworked, there are a host of other culprits that could be impacting your dryer vent system. Unfortunately, we have even seen roofers that have put shingles right over the dryer vent hole and completely blocked the airflow, duct work that gets crunched in the attic by boxes, and squished dryer hoses are a few examples. Indications you need dryer vent cleaning include:
1) If you never had your dryer vent professionally cleaned.
2) To dry a load of laundry, it takes more than 1 cycle.
3) If you notice a burning smell or the dryer gets excessively hot.

How to Choose Dryer Vent Cleaners

You need a knowledgeable and reputable professional dryer vent cleaning expert. Be sure to look for a professional that fits the following criteria:
– To get to the root of the problem, they are willing to get up on the roof and up in the attic
– Will do a thorough inspection
– Dryer vents specialists
– Understands the building codes
– Their work guaranteed and they are completely licensed and insured
– Any and all problems they come across can be addressed

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If you are due for a professional dryer vent cleaning, call in the experts of Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning and let us assist you.

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