Are UV Light Air Purifiers Effective in Whitney, NV? How Do Air Purification Systems Work & Why Are They Worth It!

There is a lot of talk about UV light air purifier systems, especially from those who want to ensure the home is free of COVID-19 and its variants. Many people ask if UV light purifiers is a sure way to kill viruses, bacteria and germs in their home. To better understand how UV light air purifiers work, and what they do to clean when it comes to the air in your home, Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning would like to go into more detail on how UV light purifiers work and what you can expect.

What is a UV Light Air Purifier?

To better understand what a UV light purifier is and does, it helps to understand sunlight. Sunlight produces ultraviolet light wavelengths. The sun produces three types of wavelengths: there are UVA, UVB, and UVC. Both UVA and UVB are fairly intense. If a person is outside, they will need to wear sunblock to prevent their skin from burning. UVC wavelengths do not often reach the earth’s surface and is absorbed into the ozone layer. However, if UVC did make it to the earth surface, the light is powerful enough to kill bacteria, virus, fungi and germs in the air. A UV light purifier and lasers produce a UVC wavelength.

How Do UV Light Purifiers Work?

A UVC lamp, or also known as a germicidal lamps (UVGI), have been used to kill bacteria and viruses for a very long time. UVGI lamps are one of the most common ways to disinfect the air. In an average household there are many different things found floating around in the air, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. UVC lamps have been proven to eliminate germs and viruses and even COVID-19. Hospitals and schools now use UVGI air purifiers to help keep the air free of germs and viruses. UVGI lamps can be installed either inside the home, high along the ceiling, or inside the HVACV system. The UVGI lamp is installed inside the air ducts just as the air leaves the heating or cooling system. They clean all of the air that passes through the air duct and into the home through the vents. There are UVGI lamps that are installed along the edge of the ceiling. This one cleans the air inside the room. If you want all of the air cleaned it is better to install the lamps inside the HVAC system.

Are Air Purifiers with UV Light Worth It?

As noted, schools and hospitals will use UV light purifiers to combat germs and viruses. However these systems are not just for public or commercial settings. Homeowners can have UVGI air purifiers and can have them installed in their home to improve their indoor air quality. Those with weak immune systems or who suffer from respiratory problems greatly benefit from an air purification system. For those who want a healthier home and better indoor air quality, you too can invest in an UVGI air purifier.

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