Air Duct Sealing in Mountain’s Edge, NV; Methods for How to Seal Leaks in Ductwork Joints & More

You can increase the energy efficiency of your home by making sure your air ducts are sealed. It will also save you money. The air duct system in your home is responsible for moving air to your heating and cooling system and delivering conditioned air to the rooms in your home. If there are leaks, your HVAC system will have a harder time doing what it needs to do. It also won’t last as long and increase its energy use. If you want your home to be comfortable all year long, you need to take care of the duct system. Check and change filters as needed and have the duct system inspected regularly to ensure it’s not leaking. Making sure your duct system is sealed will also minimize the amount of dust that you have in your home. Air ducts should be cleaned every 5 years. You can see how dirty your air ducts are by shining a flashlight into the supply or return ducts and taking some pictures. Other signs that indicate you have dirty air ducts include coughing, asthma attacks and getting sick more often when you are at home.

How to Seal Air Ducts

How can you tell where leaks are? You will need to look at all the joints where metal pieces are connected. You can lay some toilet paper over all these joints to detect air leaks. You will need to clean the area by wiping off dust and debris so caulk and tape will stick better. Duct mastic is the best material to use in sealing air ducts and joints. Do not use duct tape. Even though the name implies that is should be effective it will start to peel and won’t last very long. You can use mastic, butyl tape, foil tape, or other approved tapes. Apply the duct mastic with a putty knife or paint brush. If you choose to use your finger, wear protective gloves. Make sure the mastic is about as thick as a nickel or quarter. You also need to be careful to avoid screws and other metal pieces that might cut you.

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Sealing your air ducts is something you can do yourself but to make sure your air ducts are fully insulated and sealed, you need to have a professional like Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning. Dirty air ducts can be bad for your HVAC system and your health as they contribute negatively to the air quality in your home. Sealed air ducts increase energy efficiency and lower energy bills. They will also improve the quality of the air in your home. When you make changes in your home you should have the HVAC system looked at afterwards to ensure ventilation is balanced. The air flow will also be tested to make sure the system is operating properly and efficiently. Do you have any questions about your air duct system or other ways to save money on your energy bill? Air Pure Air Duct Cleaning has experts to answer those questions and fix any problem you might be having. Give us a call today!

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