Air Duct Cleaning, Ultraviolet Indoor Air Cleaners & More to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Aliante, NV

Clean airducts are life savers. If you and yours suffer headaches, allergies, breathing issues and nausea you may blame it on dirty air ducts. Air ducts circulate air through out the home. The air passes through the AC and it recirculated. Filters capture much of the airborne debris and dust that are the root cause of the allergy sufferer. Most of the dust that accumulates is detritus, or biological material like shed skin and hair, from both ourselves, pets and plants. This detritus attracts a lot of wild life. One is the humble dust mite. The little insects are our first stage of defense against detritus accumulation. They eat that stuff. The only problem is that some of us are allergic to the little buggers. Though they do yeoman’s duty in keeping down the accretion of such things, they are a health hazard to some. Cannot eliminate them but it is best to keep down their numbers.

Ultraviolet Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality

Another thing is that viruses and bacteria can also gather in the duct work of homes are business. Ultra violet (UV) light emitting lamps can treat the air and provide protection to airborne biological contaminates. But without UV treatment these critters can build up hiding in the duct debris ready for reinsertion into the air we breathe.

Common Pollutants Found in Air Ducts

For asthma suffers the pollen season is devastating, and prolonged as pollen is lodged in the duct work and released during AC operation. Pet dander is another problem for those with allergies. If you have done any remodeling sawdust and construction dust may have been induced and deposited in the air duct system. In high humidity climates mold can be a problem. Rodent and other vermin have taken up residency. Dirty accumulations around supply registers or if you notice dust exiting the registers.

Dirty Ducts Provide Weak Air Flow

Dirty ducts can impede air flow do to turbulence. Turbulent flow causes inefficient air flow and can create uneven temperatures throughout the household. But a build-up deposits can be broken off and reintroduced into the air. Dirt accumulations can be a health hazard. WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that 40% of all structures pose a serious health hazard. Businesses have an obligation to provide a healthy environment, not only for their clients and customers but their employees as well. Customers and clients are transient, but are employees are there every work day.

Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Removes Floating & Trapped Particles

Cleaning carpets help to hold down floating particles as well. The carpets can trap an amazing amount of dirt, debris and detritus and provide space for numerous insect invaders. Clean working and living environments are clean duct work and clean floors. In dusty climates cleaning air systems in a business may require cleaning at 3-year interval. Residential air systems should be tackled every 5 years or so. Allergy and asthma suffers benefit from duct cleaning. Mites, molds, dander and pollen are the main culprits when suffering from airborne allergens. A good duct cleaning is going to set you back $300 to $500 depending on the size. Commercial building may go up to a $1000 or so. And it takes time. Some one in and out in less than an hour didn’t do the job right.

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